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        About Us ABOUT US
        National service hotline:
        Add: 9 Xianxing Rd, Xianlin Industrial Zone, Hangzhou
        Tel: 0571-88682718
        Email: market@www.shanghaixinm.com
        Fax: 0571-88685775
        Company Profile
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        Hangzhou Zhishan Motion Control Co. Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise which integrates R&D、manufacture、sales and service, on the basis of motion control units like full digital intelligent servo systems and integrated servo motors. which based on all-digital intelligent servo systems, motors and other integrated motion control products based on R & D, manufacturing, sales and service and market-driven bi-national high-tech enterprises. The company can provide specifically customized motion control solutions for smart factories and intelligent equipment field.


        In 2017, to further promote the adoption to the everchanging development of the intelligent manufacturing industry, ZSMC joined Shanghai STEP Corporation and is committed to "becoming a leading supplier of motion control products and solutions in China."

        With high precision, quick responsiveness, high efficiency and high torque output, Zhishan Servo Drive Systems are widely used in industries with high demand of precision such as CNC machine, packaging, printing, electronic device, textiles, plastics and other industries. It has also been developed into new industries including wind power, medical equipment, hybrid power etc. Our servo drive system, with its high reliability and adaptability, is well recognized by benchmarking customers particularly in textile industry.

        We always adhere to the principle of "strict requirements for quality and perfect pursuit of details" for the products to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality.

        In addition to strengthening the routine manufacturing process testing, we also implement a strict high-temperature aging system for all products, that is, all products must be subjected to 24-hour aging inspection after production is completed so that their performance reaches stable standards before shipment.

        We not only provide customers with advanced creative products, but also provide consistent service with high efficiency and responsiveness. We have overseas service network in India(Indiana)、Bangladesh(Dhaka)、Brazil and other countries. Also, the domestic service network is spread all over East China, Central China, South China, North China, etc., having set offices in Dalang, Dongguan, guangdong、Changshu, Suzhou, Jiangsu、Haiyang, Yantai, Shandong and other cities in Zhejiang including Hangzhou、Tongxiang, Jiaxing、Cixi, Ningbo、Keqiao, Shaoxing、Luqiao, Taizhou and so on. 400 marketing service hotlines and technical support hotlines are available in headquarter Hangzhou. The improved technical service system provides all-dimensional service and support, ranging from pre-sale consulting, technical support, after-sale technical maintenance and technical training. The service team can respond within 24 hours.

        We will continue to forge strategic partnerships with domestic and international research institutes, to provide professional、innovative and high quality/cost products and services for clients in advanced manufacturing and heavy equipment industries to promote energy-saving & pollution reduction and to try hard to improve client’s competitive.

        Please scan the official WeChat account to get more latest product information!

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