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        About Us ABOUT US
        National service hotline:
        Add: 9 Xianxing Rd, Xianlin Industrial Zone, Hangzhou
        Tel: 0571-88682718
        Email: market@www.shanghaixinm.com
        Fax: 0571-88685775
        Company Honor
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        ZSMC Won "National High-Tech Enterprise"

        Office of the leading group for the administration of national high-tech enterprise accreditation published “The 2nd group of High Tech Enterprises of 2017 year in Hangzhou”. After several rounds of strict evaluation, ZSMC has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, which is a major development achievement made by ZSMC with science and technology as the guide and innovation as the driving force.

        ZSMC Won “Zhejiang Provincial Most Promising Technology Company”

        The 2nd Zhejiang Provincial Promising Technology Top 100 Enterprise Award Ceremony was held in Hangzhou. The event was guided by Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Federation, Zhejiang Provincial Entrepreneurs Association and the Zhejiang Industrial Economic Federation jointly issued the "2017 Zhejiang Top 100 Enterprises", "2017 Zhejiang Manufacturing Top 100 Enterprises", "2017 Top 100 Enterprises in Zhejiang Service Industry" and "2017 Top 100 Rapidly-Growing Enterprises in Zhejiang Province", which were won by ZSMC. Advocating "consumer-centric, collaborative innovation, striver-oriented and gathering strength”, ZSMC will open up a new era.

        ZSMC won "2019 user-satisfied domestic brand in the field of Motion Control"

        ZSMC undoubtedly won 2019 user-satisfied domestic brand in the field of motion control with high popularity. Manager Kong Zhiping from the department of marketing accepted this heavy trophy on behalf of the company. ZSMC will cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, consolidate the strength of product research and development, will serve national manufacturing enterprises with more excellent product quality, accurately and efficiently, and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing industry in the future!

        ZSMC won "2018 user-satisfied domestic brand in the field of motion control"

        The award ceremony was jointly organized by China Chuandong, China Motion Control Industry Alliance, and Shenzhen Chuandong Technology Co., Ltd. ZSMC won the 2019 user satisfaction domestic brand in the field of motion control with a great reputation at the award ceremony. The regional sales manager of the sales department personally took the stage to receive the award. This is also the evaluation of customer satisfaction with the brand. Improving customer satisfaction is the goal of making a brand and an important indicator to identify the quality of a brand.

        ZSMC won "2017 Zhejiang Micro Enterprise Start-up Star"

        The Office of the Leading Group of Management Work of the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission announced the "2017 Hangzhou Micro Enterprise Entrepreneurship Star". After several rounds of rigorous reviews, ZSMC won the honor of Entrepreneurship Star. It’s a result of being yourself and keep working hard.

        ZSMC won "ISO9001 Quality System Certification"

        Wantai Certification 2019 ISO9001 Quality System Certification ", after many rounds of rigorous review, ZSMC obtained the quality certification, which is the recognition of Zhishan products and also being responsible for the customers.

        ZSMC Won National Work Safety Standardization level 3 Enterprise

        National Administration of Work Safety announced “2019 Hangzhou Work Safety Standardization level 3 Enterprises”. After several rounds of strictly reviews, ZSMC won the title of National Work Safety Standardization level 3 Enterprise.

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