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        Zhishan Motion Control: Ingeniously build quality, focus on driving the future
        Views:1593   Time:2019-10-25
        Despite of the severe market environment, Hangzhou Zhishan Motion Control Technology Co.,Ltd. is still standing fiercely in the market, always insisting on the pursuit of professional technology and is providing customers with a one-stop solution and have successfully launched the Ω series servo products in September this year.

        In 2019, the automation market saw noticeable changes. The mobile phone supply chain order changed a lot, 3C electronic product market was in a downturn, and there was an increasingly fierce "price war" and so on, so the market situation is not promising. However, in the face of a severe market environment, ZSMC still insists on providing Products and services as well as providing customers with a one-stop solution. Recently, the magazine interviewed Liu Weidong, marketing director of ZSMC during the China International Industry Fair. He introduced the key products exhibited by the company this year and future market development plans.

        Interview with Liu Weidong, Marketing Director of ZSMC

        Innovation-driven, combined strategy

        At this stage, with the servo drive technology becoming more and more mature, the market entry "threshold" is reduced, the homogenization of products is serious, and the quality of products is unsure. In the face of numerous challenges, it’s important to figure out how to find breakthrough points in the bottleneck. Liu Weidong said that the current strategy adopted by ZSMC is selling cost-effective general products as well as exploring high-end application market, an active combination of two-pronged approach to cope with market competition.

        In view of the high sensitivity of the current large-scale general-purpose market to product prices, Liu Weidong said that the new products of G1 series servo drive launched by ZSMC this year are positioned to be applied on cost-effective general automation industry. The power range of the product series is fully covered and has adopted new speed detection algorithm, which improves control accuracy; IO programmable, support function repositioning; usage of absolute encoder and incremental encoder, support signal arbitrary frequency ratio setting; handheld operation panel, more concise and convenient. More importantly, ZSMC relies on core technological innovation to make the product have a cyclic life cycle. For example, in the development of this G1 series servo drive, ZSMC has further optimized the underlying components so that the product has achieved a qualitative leap in performance and function, and according to the new needs generated by customers in the actual use process, it has continuously introduced new technical solutions, so the product has obvious advantages in cost performance and helps customers reduce costs.

        New Product of G1 series servo drive

        Moreover, ZSMC high-performance K5 series pulse servo is an upgraded version of K1 series. The highly responsive K5 series adopt FPGA hardware current loop design, with self-tuning function and suitable for matching with various vibration reduction filters. Also, it supports the PC software of the host computer for parameter setting, servo position, speed and torque control, etc., and can rival with the mainstream Japanese products in the market. In the industrial bus application market that has developed rapidly in recent years, ZSMC general bus iK3 series servo driver supports EtherCAT, POWERLINK, CANopen and other communication standard protocols, providing position control, speed control, torque control, bus control The method, with international standard security functions (STO / SS1 / SS2 / SBC), lays a solid foundation for industrial Internet applications.

        K5 series pulse type servo

        Expand high-end applications

        With the continuous innovation of domestic products, the acceptance of domestic brands by domestic users has gradually increased, and domestic servo manufacturers are developing towards higher-end applications. Facing this situation, Liu Weidong said that ZSMC has a higher market visibility and market share in the field of traditional textile machinery, and the company has developed a series of technical solutions for knitting special machines, such as anti-collision needle alarm function, full Closed-loop high-speed and high-efficiency servo technology, which has greatly reduced the user's cost of use, and even exceeded the customer's use requirements. At the same time, based on the consideration of market development prospects and industry application requirements, ZSMC is also actively exploring the high-end application market at this stage.

        ZSMC entries into the high-end application field with a new product of the Ω series servo released by Singliner in September this year, which also belongs to STEP Corporation. Liu Weidong introduced that this new Ω series servo product was jointly developed by Syngliner R & D team and Central Research Institute of STEP. ZSMC is mainly responsible for product promotion and service. It adopts new advanced motion control algorithms and incorporates the German core technology of drive and control and has brought an excellent drive and control product experience and the ultimate solution to users.

        Ω series servo new products

        "At present, the demand for high-performance and multi-functional servo products in the domestic servo application market has increased. The advent of this new product has greatly enriched the high-end product line of ZSMC. The product is the perfect combination of domestic and foreign technical essence and the advantages of localized service, which will help us move towards higher-level application markets. Especially in emerging industries such as lithium battery, robot, CNC, LED, glass panel processing, photovoltaic, etc., Ω series servo products can realize the functions of aerial shot alignment tracking, fast actual measurement, and supplemental upgrades by advanced drive control algorithms, which can meet the urgent needs of users in these industries for high-speed and high-precision processing. "Liu Weidong added.

        According to the introduction, Ω series servo products have the advantages of cost saving, fast response, accurate positioning and stable operation. The product has excellent compatibility, can support multiple brands of EtherCAT device controllers, and a variety of encoder interface motors, such as Tamagawa, Nikon, and Panasonic encoders. In terms of performance, Ω series servo products also have functions of integrated inertia self-learning, parameter self-tuning, motor cogging torque compensation, dynamic friction compensation, auto-interference, suppression of terminal jitter and mechanical resonance, and safety protection for abnormal conditions, which can achieve precision Control and smooth operation.

        Concentrate on research and provide customers with one-stop service

        In the current automation market, the "price war" of products is intensifying, and technical service is another key factor in responding to the "price war". In this regard, Liu Weidong said that it is more and more important to provide technical services to customers. ZSMC is working closely with partners to do a good job in service, for example, in pre-sales service. When customers choose products, ZSMC will provide customers with accurate product selection advice and guidance.

        In terms of after-sales service, ZSMC cooperates with partners actively too. They help customers on wire and debug interface setting parameters, etc., so customers can install the machine more easily and save labor costs. At the same time, ZSMC will also do remote after-sales service via modern communication technology to ensure that the fault will be checked at the first time, shorten the online waiting time and improve the service response speed and service quality.

        In addition, ZSMC also provides customized services on product functions to serve customers with higher application value. ZSMC meets the user's scene needs through personalized customization solutions. When doing customized product research and development, it will tailor the functions required by the device based on the new requirements of the customer's equipment, thereby improving the working efficiency of the whole equipment and provides customers with comprehensive supporting solutions. For example, ZSMC has developed a bus-type servo solution for the handling robot, a short-distance, rapid acceleration, and deceleration high-performance solution for the placement machine industry, and a high-precision, high-response technical solution for the CNC engraving machine industry, ect.


        After years of hard work in the market, ZSMC has accumulated profound technical experence. Faced with the current diversified application trends, ZSMC adopts a boxing-style combination strategy. On the one hand, it launches cost-effective G1 series servo products to consolidate the existing advantages in the general-purpose market; on the other hand, with the newly launched Sigriner Ω series servo new products, ZSMC is also actively exploring the high-end application market, providing high-quality one-stop technical service solutions, and trying its best to open up new areas. ZSMC is going to enter a new stage in the future.

        ——This article is reproduced from "China Transmission Network"

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